For a Sidekick!

Sidekick flashlight

If you have ever taken a low-light class you will quickly realize that flashlights are great defensive tools. They can also be extremely handy for those of us with aging eyes. So it should come as no surprise that I have a flashlight (or two) as part of my everyday carry. In fact, I have several tactical flashlights that I rotate out depending on what I am doing or where I plan to go for the day. Unfortunately, even those that carry a tactical flashlight daily for defensive purposes don’t actually “have it in hand” when they really need it. Well the Surefire Sidekick, might just be what you have been hunting for when it comes to a small bright handheld flashlight you might actually keep in your hand. The Sidekick is a small rechargeable keychain light that offers 300 lumens at the touch of a button and is especially handy as you walk to and from your car at night. Watch this episode of First Person Defender as fellow Boondocks’ Instructor Kristi Knight effectively uses a flashlight against me (the bad guy) as she leaves work to get into her car.

I still carry a tactical light on my person every day, but I also have the Sidekick on my key ring to ensure I have a light handy in those transitional times when I am walking to my vehicle. The Surefire Sidekick is available from the Surefire website for $29.99 and is a must-have gadget for everyone in your family!