For Ammo

Empty shelves

If you haven’t noticed, Ammunition is now in short supply!  Since the beginning of the COVID19 crisis Firearms and Ammunition sales have skyrocketed.  In fact, on March 20th the FBI recorded over 210,000 background checks.  This the highest single day number since the inception of the Instant Background check in 1998.  Many of the firearms purchases are from first-time gun buyers who obviously need ammo too!  Other ammo purchases are coming from existing gun owners that remember the shortages in 2013 after the tragedy at Sandy Hook.   Guns stores are forced to limit purchases so that they can at least have ammo on the shelves for new gun buyers or students looking to take classes.  If you are looking to secure some ammunition, is a good option to find retailers that have ammunition in stock. will let you filter on the caliber, type and even the case material and show you a per round price.  A word of caution when buying online, be sure to check the expected delivery date, especially if you are buying the ammo for an upcoming training class.   We have heard of instances from some of the big box retailers that they will let you purchase the ammo and then send you an email that the ammunition is not available.  Personally, I have had a good experience using Midway USA. The prices are relatively good and ammo is usually shipped relatively quickly. So if you get bored during quarantine, get online and check out, and start stocking up for your next day at the range.