Pandemic, protests, politics driving US gun sales

Last month I got an email from a reporter with Agence France-Presse (French Press Agency). They wanted to do an interview with me at Boondocks FTA about the recent surge in gun sales here in the United States. I was initially reluctant to do a news story with a European News Agency, especially about guns, but after researching her previous news stories on other controversial topics I agreed to meet with them. Fortunately, I have a friend and fellow Boondock’s Instructor that was head of Public Relations in Baghdad during the Iraqi war and he gave me some pointers on how to handle the situation. I met with them prior to the photo shoot to lay some ground rules, debunk some gun myths, and educate them a little on firearms and the law. I also let them know they would only be allowed to be filming while I was on site. The reporter and the camera crew were very professional and interested in learning more. The interview/quotes were a little difficult to nail down with the language barrier and mask muffling, but the story came out today, and I think they did a very fair job on it.