The 357 Drill

A target dummy filled with holes

In May of 2020 I was fortunate to slide into an open spot for Tom Givens’ Rangemaster Master Firearms Development Course.

If you’re not familiar with Tom, he spent 20 years with the Memphis PD before opening Rangemaster range where he has taught tens of thousands of students. He has authored many self-defense books and articles, and has the most extensive database of former students who have actually been involved in gunfights. To date 67 of his former students had to fight for their lives. Their record is 64 wins, 0 losses and 3 forfeits (didn’t have their gun)

The Master Firearms Development Course is the 3rd of 3 Rangemaster Instructor Certification (Instructor, Advanced Instructor, Master Instructor) and the information and shooting requirements become more difficult each time. This is far beyond most Law Enforcement and FBI qualification standards. To date, there are only 65 people that have completed this level of training. At this level, you not only have to shoot and qualify with your EDC gear, but also Revolvers and Mirror Images gear (support/weak side shooting) and develop a shooting drill. My drill was called the 357 Drill.

The 357 Drill is designed to be a quick and easy drill that allows shooters to continue to improve their skill as they progress in their training.

The drill was inspired by The Boondocks Drill™, Tom Givens 3 yards, 3 shots, 3 seconds rule, and Dave Spaulding’s 5 in 5 Drill.

The drill requires a shot timer, or you can use a shot timer app for your smart phone, and has 3 strings of fire for a total of 15 rounds. The drill should be completed in 15 seconds or less.

  • String 1: 3 yards, 3 Shots, 3 Seconds in the 3 inch circle.
  • String 2: 5 yards, 5 Shots, 5 Seconds in the 5 inch circle.
  • String 3: 7 yards, 7 Shots, 7 Seconds in the 7 inch circle.

Any shot that falls outside designated ring equals a 1 second penalty. There is also four skill levels;

Skill Level – Total Time Must be = or less than 15 Seconds

  • Basic – All Strings from Low Ready
  • Intermediate – String 1 from Low Ready, 2 & 3 from Holster
  • Advanced – All Strings from holster
  • Expert – All Strings from concealment

Please feel free to download it, share it with your friends and family and practice it!