Another AIWB Holster

AIWB Holster

Since Adopting AIWB carry about a year ago, I have been going back and forth between a couple of different holster options. You can read about those options HERE. But because of my body shape, both options were lacking a little in the ability to keep the gun from printing. Through trial and error, I found that for me, I would need both a wedge and claw help hide the gun. While there were some options that offered both, they either didn’t offer it for my gun or it wasn’t available for a Red Dot Pistol. So I have been trying to modify one holster to add a wedge and another to add a claw, but neither worked as I had hoped.

Then one of our Boondocks customer came in and showed my the holster he bought from Tenicor Holsters. The Velo4 is specifically made for AIWB and includes a built in wedge and claw. It also has the option to have soft loops or Discreet Carry clips to attach it to your belt. I decided to give them a try and ordered it online. The order was shipped the same day I have been wearing the holster everyday since. If you are looking for a simply solution for a AIWB holster I encourage you to give the VELO4 a try.