Elegant & Armed

Recently I was contacted by a representative of Elegant & Armed about the possibility of collaborating with Boondocks FTA.
I get these requests on a fairly regular basis, but I usually just hit delete button. After doing a little research and looking at their website, this time I hit reply instead. From reading Natalie’s story it is was obvious that she was passionate about helping ladies become better prepared to protect themselves, and her mission is one of the primary reasons Boondocks FTA was created in the first place. Too often Ladies can feel overwhelmed, confused or intimidated about personal protection and the firearms industry. Many also believe they would never be able to carry a firearm and feel they have to compromise their style in order to be armed, but that is not case. Natalie’s website and social media accounts show how easy it is to take charge of your own safety and look good doing it! After setting up a quick meeting with Natalie, we are looking for ways to collaborate in the future. In the meantime, go like her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram, and checkout her website. Hopefully we will have more to share in the near future.