Locked In Grip

Recently my church security team and I headed out to Boondocks FTA for our quarterly live fire qualification. Armed with my Glock 48 I was still looking to ace the FBI qualification since I switched to it from my full sized carry gun earlier this year. I have never had any issue with getting a 100% on the course of fire with my Glock 17 or 45, but smaller guns make it harder. Even with the Hogue over mold rubber grip the gun still wants to jump around in my hand.

This time I brought along some LockedIn Grip developed by Brian & Shelley Hill with The Complete Combatant. The liquid shooting sports chalk keeps your hands free of moisture during shooting while providing a heightened connection to your firearm. Applied like lotion, it quickly dries and provides a much better grip on the handgun. Trayon, another member of our security team, who is also a highway patrol officer and knows the importance of performing well on qualifications opted to try it out as well.

The results speak for themselves! There was almost no movement of the firearm during recoil which help me ace the FBI qualification for the fist time with the Glock 48. Trayon agreed the chalk helped, and one of the cool things was that once the chalk dried there wasn’t any residue on our clothes or guns.

LockedIn Grip is available in a 30ml pouch or 50ml bottle and is very reasonably priced. In my opinion this is a must have in your range bag that helps produce better results on the range.