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Teaching Women, For Women – DTI Instructor Course with Vicki Farnam

Building Your Competence and Confidence for Teaching Firearms

  • Strengthen and enhance your own handgun skills
  • Build precise communication skills for teaching women and facilitating their learning process in firearms
  • Understand what issues affect learning and why
  • Expand you knowledge of handgun operating systems and other equipment and how equipment affects learning
  • Learn to teach and apply these fundamental skills and knowledge to personal protection and defense

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DTI Instructor Course is taught by Vicki Farnam. This is a 2-day course designed to train competent operators to be effective defensive handgun instructors, with an emphasis on training women more effectively.

Requirements: USCCA or NRA Instructor certification pre-requisite required. Equipment for live fire drills (pistol, 500 rounds min, 2 magazine/speedloader min, high quality OWB holster, sturdy belt, eye/ear protection).

The cost for this course is $500 paid to DTI, plus a $60.00 Range Fee ($30.00 per day) payable to Boondocks FTA™ the day of the class. Limited to 20 participants.

More Info: http://defense-training.com/training-courses/

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