Basic Shotgun


This half-day class will expose students to the different types of shotguns, the fundamentals of defensive shotgun shooting, defensive ammunition, loading techniques and the different sights and accessories available for defensive shotguns.

Course length: 1/2 day (8:00 AM – Noon)
Pre-Req: None
Ammo Req: 100 Rounds

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This half-day class is designed to expose the student to the fundamentals of defensive shooting with a shotgun. Students will learn about the different types of shotguns, defensive ammunition, loading techniques and  the different sights and accessories for defensive shotguns. Knowing the mechanics of your shotgun and how to load your ammunition would be helpful, but not necessary. At the end of the half-day, students can opt to complete the afternoon session (Defensive Shotgun)

Length: 1/2 Day (8:00 AM -Noon)
Prerequisite: None

Cost: $100.00


Additional information

What to bring:

• Shotgun: Pump action or semiautomatic 12 or 20 gauge (rentals available)
• 100 rounds of birdshot
• Eye protection, ear protection(electronic preferred), ball cap / sun visor
• What to Wear: high neck shirt / t-shirt, closed toe shoes, pants or shorts with belt loops and loose pockets


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