Virginia Senate Shoots Down “Assault Weapons” Ban

Assault Weapons

On February 17, the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee failed to pass HB 961 also known as the “Assault Weapons” ban. Instead, the Committee “sent the proposal to a state commission for further study.”

Virginia gun owners cheered what appears to be a win after the huge Lobby Day rally in January, however, there are still 5 other gun control bills that did pass and are expected to be signed into law. According to the NY Times article “Virginia Legislature Turns Down Ban on Military-Style Weapons” the Governor of VA plans to sign bills that will limit handgun purchases to one a month, impose universal background checks for all firearms sales and transfers, and enact a red flag law.

While many are relieved HB 961 did not make it through the Senate, it is likely antigun politicians will try again next year. In addition, lawful gun owners will now have to deal with a whole new set of 2nd Amendment infringements on their rights. Lobby Day was a huge success and likely stopped the passage of HB 961, but it was a reaction to the 2019 elections. The fight for the 2nd Amendment Rights in VA will continue into the foreseeable future. In 2020 we must be Pro-Active by becoming informed, “Like” and “Share” Pro-Gun topics, encourage other gun owners to become informed, contribute financially to Pro-Gun organizations like the NRA and 2nd Amendment Foundation, ensure you are registered to vote come election time, and SHOW UP TO THE POLLS and VOTE for Pro-Gun candidates!

Virginians can rejoice in the fact they helped stave off HB 961 for now, but when you consider the Anti-Gun groups passed over 80% of their proposed legislation, it hardly looks like a win!