Brian Hill

Pistol Essentials & Beyond

Brian HillOctober 10 & 11, 2020
2 Days, 500 Rounds
Price: $469

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Pistol Essentials and BEYOND is The Complete Combatant's 2-day course that starts with basics and then moves BEYOND!

FUNDAMENTALS are the key to everything! Pistol Essentials is designed to introduce you to defensive shooting and help improve your skills. In this class, you will learn the importance of stance, grip, sights, follow through and trigger through dry practice and live fire. We will practice drawing from your holster during dry fire and live fire when applicable. We will cover shooting from common positions seen in defensive shooting with a higher level of accuracy. Pistol Essentials will teach you how to practice, how to measure your skill and how to TEST yourself.

Fireside Chats
Dave Spaulding
Massad Ayoob