World-Class Professional Firearms Training Academy

Whether you are a first-time gun owner looking for a beginners class or an enthusiast wanting to further enhance your skills, turn to Boondocks Firearms Training Academy, LLC in Raymond, MS. We offer courses for all skill levels. Our certified firearms instructors are focused on your training, safety and education.

Pro Shop, Ranges, Facilities

BoondocksFTA™ is a world-class facility complete with a full service Pro Shop, modern classrooms, and clean comfortable ranges and facilities.   Our Pro Shop is open to the public, and offers a full line of firearms, ammunition and gear.  We also rent all necessary firearms and gear for any of our courses.

Gift cards/certificates are also available for purchase online or in our Pro Shop.

Our Instructors and Courses

Our instructors teach a wide range of defensive firearm courses, including handgun, shotgun, and carbine rifle classes. In addition, we offer courses in Church Security, Active Shooter, CPR/AED + first aid and self-defense. The Mississippi Enhanced Permit certification program covers the legal and ethical aspects of carrying and using a firearm to defend yourself and others.

Training Tips

  • Firearms, Fitness & Personal Protection There is an old saying “God created man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” Unfortunately, many gun owners believe that just having a gun prepares them for the many threats they may face in life, but true personal protection is much more than just acquiring a firearm. You must also have the have the physical, mental, and even spiritual “fitness” ...
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Girl Talk

  • Don’t Let a Man Select Your Handgun For women, selecting a firearm should be just as personal as selecting a special pair of new shoes. It has to be comfortable, look good, and serve a purpose. Most of the women I know would be horrified if their husband or significant other just went out and bought them a pair of shoes without first consulting with them. You ...
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What’s New

  • Defensive Pistol LIVE! For 2020 Boondocks FTA™ is launching a new course in our Defensive Pistol Series. Defensive Pistol (DP ) LIVE is a 10-12-hour course designed to help you increase your Speed and Accuracy with your Handgun. The course also includes multiple Force on Force Scenarios using UTM Training Guns to simulate LIVE defensive situations. Students will learn to become more efficient ...
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Fireside Chats

Boondocks FTA™ is hosting a series of free chats/discussions in 2020. Topics will be on a variety of subjects including Gun Rights, Concealed Carry, Gun Myths, Active Shooter, and more.

When: Around the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Where: Boondocks' Pavilion (Check the dates at Eventbrite to see where and when the next seminar will be held.)

Cost: Free!

BFTA Monthly Newsletter

Boondocks' monthly newsletter contains current information and reviews relevant to firearm owners. Be the first to hear about our special offers.

Topics of Interest

  • Find out "What’s New @ Boondocks" Firearms Training Academy
  • Keep up with the latest on 2nd Amendment issues "In the News"
  • Get in on a little "Girl Talk" in our women’s section
  • Take a "Training Tip" from our pros to help improve your shooting
  • Find great deals on "Featured Firearms"
  • Get a preview of upcoming classes in our "Course Spotlight"
  • Get in "On The Hunt" for the latest in Guns, Gear & Gadgets


Becky and I were both totally impressed with the entire experience at BFTA.  Neither of us knew that there was such a fine facility anywhere in the area.  We're glad to be "alumni" and will be frequent visitors to your facility... thank you for the photos and for the most excellent experience we had last Saturday.  I would recommend BFTA to anyone without hesitation!


Thank you for the pics... the class was amazing... the instructor opened my eyes a lot.  The whole class was eye opening.   It was great learning experience and y’all continue to impress me and my wife every time we take a class.   


The best experience! I had never shot a gun until getting fit(ted) for today's class. I will be back again.


I greatly enjoyed the Shotgun class. The entire Boondocks operation is first class, can't say enough which is unusual for me. I hand out few compliments but you guys deserve it.

I will be back for another class.


Thank you so much! Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed our class and day at Boondocks. The facility is gorgeous and perfectly suited to its mission. Our instructors were gems and so very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. We look forward to taking advantage of our Alumni status to come out Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as signing up for the Defensive Pistol series.


Amazing! I would take multiple classes with our instructors. Looking to come back!


They were both awesome instructors!  ... were the best! Very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. An asset to the Boondocks Academy.