Street Encounter Skills and Tactics with FPF Training - September 14-15 2024

Street Encounter Skills and Tactics

To be successful and effective in their own self-defense, citizens need a wide variety of skills beyond shooting.

This course is for the person who recognizes that there is much more to personal safety than simply carrying a gun.  If you want to expand your knowledge and acquire skills oriented toward the layered nature of civilian self-defense, this class is for you.

Street Encounter Skills and Tactics prepares citizens for personal security challenges by equipping them with a comprehensive suite of “soft” and “hard” skills that are woven into a holistic approach to legal self-defense.

Among these skills are:

  Stopping Bleeding (Medical Trauma)

 Employing Pepper Spray (Less-Lethal Options)

 Interacting with Law Enforcement (Legal Preparation)

 Street Encounter Skills

Tactical anatomy and much, much more!

FPF Training - John Murphy
Instructor: John Murphy

Fee: $525.00

Date: Saturday - 9/14/2024
End Date: Sunday - 9/15/2024
Time: 0830-1730
Duration: 5 hours video "view ahead", 16 hours practical experience and range time.

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