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Open / Constitutional Carry

Mississippi has been an Open Carry state since it adopted the State Constitution in 1890. A changed to the concealed carry law in 2013 clarified the definition of concealed” and removed any gray area interpretation of “open carry.” 

As of April 15 2016, Mississippi is a “Constitutional Carry” state, meaning you are not required to obtain a permit to carry concealed in Mississippi.  There are limitations on where, when, how, and at what age and you can carry concealed WITHOUT a permit.

The State of Mississippi currently has two types of Concealed Carry Permits/CCP.  A MS firearms permit is relatively easy to obtain and requires no formal firearms training.  Even WITH a permit, there are still some limitations on where you CAN’T carry your firearm.  

MS Firearms Permit Vs. MS Enhanced Carry Endorsement                

With a MS Firearms Permit YOU:

*CAN NOT carry into a courtroom or Law Enforcement Office or Detention Center

*CAN NOT carry into a polling place or meeting of the government

*CAN NOT carry at any school, college, or athletic event

*CAN NOT carry into an establishment or portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises primarily devoted to such purpose.

*CAN NOT carry inside the passenger terminal of any airport

*CAN NOT carry in any church or place of worship

*CAN NOT carry in any place prohibited by Federal Law

*CAN NOT carry where private business displays “NO FIREARMS” signage

*CAN NOT carry in parades where permits are required

Instructor Certified Sticker indicating you completed a MS Enhanced Carry Endorsement Class

With a MS Enhanced Carry Endorsement YOU:

*CAN NOT carry into a courtroom during judicial proceedings

*CAN NOT carry into any police, sheriff, or highway patrol station or any detention center, facility, or jail

*CAN NOT carry in any place prohibited by law

** This is a general description of where you can and cannot carry under Mississippi Law.  Please see other links on this page to access a more complete listing of legal definitions and opinions.

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