Effective vs. Efficient Training

In July of 2018, I attended a new instructor course offered by the USCCA and the Rob Pincus group. The two-day course focused on defensive shooting fundamentals and how to incorporate them with the things your body does naturally. As a full-time professional firearms instructor here at Boondocks FTA™, I have had the opportunity to take other defensive shooting courses from some well-known firearms instructors. The one thing that really stood out in this course was the emphasis on efficient training, especially for the most probable types of defensive firearms situations. Now, I have shot thousands of rounds in practice that have helped me to be more effective with my firearm, but it took those thousands of rounds to become effective. The tips I picked up in this class made defensive shooting not only effective but more efficient. The difference is that with an unlimited amount of time, money or resources, just about anyone can become effective at a task. In today’s busy world, being able to learn a skill and apply it with the least amount of resources spent is much more preferable and efficient! While I may have not have walked away from the class a more effective shooter, I did walk away a more efficient shooter. As a more efficient shooter, I can save range time and ammo cost, and also help other people pick up skills quicker. To me, that is the biggest advantage of formal firearms training! Sure, anyone can watch a video, or read an article and go to the range and practice what they learned, and eventually, with enough time and ammo they might become a more effective shooter.

However, there is no substitute for a quality firearms course. Our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 (DSF-L1) is a blended learning curriculum that includes the DSF-L1 online eLearning module, the DSF-L1 book, and a full day of live-fire exercises on the range. The student can then complete the eLearning at home at their own pace prior to the live-fire exercises. During the range time, students are able to ask questions and get immediate personal feedback on the application of those skills. It is those little “A-Ha” moments that can only be obtained by hands-on training that make you an efficient shooter and will likely save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If you are looking for the most “Bang for your Buck” in firearms training, check out our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Class schedule.