The Importance of Continuing Education

Brian Hill with Jan Allinder

Since I took my first class at Boondocks in January 2016, I have made a commitment to continue learning. Since then I have taken every handgun course BoondocksFTA™ offers. I’ve also taken several guest instructor classes offered at Boondocks. The most recent of which was Brian Hill’s Pistol Essentials & Beyond.

What set Brian Hill’s class apart from other classes is that no matter what your level of experience, you were encouraged to improve your skillset. Not once did I feel overwhelmed or in “over my head”. Brian took his time and worked with each and every student – first by observing the student, then by suggesting how that particular student could improve or obtain their goal for the class.

Both days started out by breaking down every step of drawing and shooting from concealment into separate exercises. We repeated these steps (draw, grip, sight picture, trigger pull, and follow-through) over and over again as warm-up exercises. Brian also used timed drills throughout the weekend to not only challenge us but to help gauge our improvement.

Since I’ve taken Brian’s class, I’ve adopted these warm-up drills into my daily (well almost daily) dry-fire practice. I’ve surprised myself by how much this smooth and deliberate dry-fire practice has helped me. During my last Gosh Dang Good Ladies Only Steel Challenge my overall time improved by 25%. That’s more than enough proof to indicate small changes and a little practice can make a huge difference and that anyone can become better prepared and more confident by continuing education and training. Jan Allinder

About Jan Allinder

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