Don’t Let a Man Select Your Handgun

Selecting handgun

For women, selecting a firearm should be just as personal as selecting a special pair of new shoes. It has to be comfortable, look good, and serve a purpose. Most of the women I know would be horrified if their husband or significant other just went out and bought them a pair of shoes without first consulting with them. You should feel the same way about getting a new handgun, especially if you even think someone is going to “surprise” you with a new handgun your birthday.

No two women are alike! We have different tastes, come in different sizes and have different needs, and there is no “one gun” that is perfect for all women. Many men think a woman “needs” a revolver since they are the simplest to operate, but they don’t consider the heavy trigger or stiff recoil of some of the small frame, snub-nose revolvers. Don’t get me wrong, I love revolvers, while they can be great defensive guns, they are not always fun to shoot, and are often not the best FIRST handgun for women.

Before you decide to let a “man” pick out your handgun, you should consider all the options. A semi-automatic with less recoil, a lighter trigger pull that is fun and easy to shoot might be the perfect “fit” for you. The best way to select a new firearm is to go to a store or pro shop with knowledgeable instructors like BoondocksFTA™ and try some guns on for size. Just like trying on new shoes, you need to make sure the handgun “fits” YOU! It should feel comfortable, you should be able to reach the trigger and all of the controls, and it should be FUN to shoot. Otherwise, you will likely not practice nor shoot accurately.

Boondocks offers these “fittings” FREE to anyone who signs up for one of our classes. The professionals at BoondocksFTA™ will help you select a handgun that fits your hand, show you the proper grip and correct stance, and teach you how to fire the handgun safely. On the range, you will shoot 2-3 rounds from each handgun you are trying “on”. This process makes it easy to select which handgun is the best fit for YOU. For your convenience, BoondocksFTA™ offers Gift Certificates (printable/emailable) and Gift Cards (debit card) – available in our Pro Shop.

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