More Memories


On the day after Thanksgiving, Grizz (My Dad) would have been 76. Each year at this time I remember our post-turkey day trips afield with him and my Uncle. Both taught me a lot about shooting, firearms and the outdoors. Even though they had no formal firearms training, they were great marksmen. They tried to teach me everything they knew about the outdoors, how to hunt and how to shoot. I am thankful that I was able to absorb some of their wisdom and experience. Both of them passed before I got into firearms training. What I have learned since is that the ability to shoot a gun accurately does not necessarily prepare you for self-defense. Additionally, the guns, the techniques, and the training have all changed so much in the past 20 -30 years. So, if you grew up like I did with fond memories of hunting trips and time on the range, but haven’t had any for formal defensive firearms training, now is the time. You owe it to yourself and your family to be better prepared! Maybe even bring one of your mentors along with you! It may be a great way for you and them to share a few more trips to the range and create some new memories before that opportunity is no longer there!