Defensive Differences!

Differences in defensive handgun classes

With the launching of our new Defensive Pistol LIVE class, we now have 6 different Defensive Handgun classes here at Boondocks FTA™. We are often asked what is the difference in each of the classes, so in this month’s Course Spotlight we thought we would highlight the differences so you can decide which class or classes might be right for you. There are three major components to developing defensive shooting skills including; 1) building and mastering basic fundamentals, 2) increasing speed and accuracy and 3) incorporating reality-based training. Additionally, there are tactics like using cover and concealment, incorporating movement, low light techniques and shooting at extended ranges and moving targets. Our Defensive Shooting classes incorporate one or more techniques.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (Basic)

The Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (DSF) Course is designed to help students build and master the fundamentals of defensive shooting. This blended learning curriculum includes the DSF-L1 online eLearning module, the DSF-L1 book, and a full day of live-fire exercises on the range. By incorporating the eLearning module, students essentially get 2 days of training for the price of one. Students can complete the online module at home and at their own pace prior to the live-fire exercises. The course of fire focuses on the most likely self-defense scenarios a civilian will face, 3 shots, 3 seconds, 3 yards. Additionally, students can complete the class with smaller concealed carry handguns, pocket pistols, or revolvers and minimal gear (3 magazines or speed loaders). This is a great class for someone that has previously completed a Permit Class, but hasn’t been able to maintain a
regular practice schedule or have limited resources (time or money) to devote to a traditional 2-day course.

Defensive Carry (Intermediate)

The Defensive Carry (DC) Class is a traditional 2-day class that packs as many of the different types of training (fundamentals, increasing speed and accuracy, cover and concealment, movement and reality-based training) into a single class. The class can be completed with any pistol or revolver but was specifically designed for smaller concealed carry handguns and with minimal gear (3 magazines or speed loaders) requirements. The class can also be completed from different carry modes including pocket, purse, appendix, ankle, or cross draw carry. This class is great for those who are just getting into the concealed carry lifestyle and are looking to learn more about the different carry options or experienced shooters looking to complete a comprehensive class with their everyday carry gun.

Defensive Pistol I (Intermediate)

Defensive Pistol I is Boondocks’ core curriculum. It is designed to be taken with medium to full-size pistol from a strong side or appendix carry holster. The primary focus is on helping the student build speed and accuracy through the proper executions of the fundamentals. The 2-day course starts with the proper presentation from the holster, proper gun manipulation and malfunction clearances. Day 2 incorporates more advanced loading and shooting techniques, and students are evaluated and scored throughout the day in preparation for our signature Boondocks Drill. At the end of the course, students have a solid foundation of fundamentals and ready for more advanced techniques in our advanced level courses.

Defensive Pistol LIVE (Intermediate)

DP Live is our newest course and is open to all students with a solid set of fundamentals. The course begins with an evaluation of the student’s ability to quickly present their pistol from the holster and then moves on to an increasingly more challenging LIVE fire qualification standards on our turning target system. All qualification courses of fire are scored and averaged to give the student a good evaluation of his or her shooting skills. The afternoon portion is all LIVE Force on Force scenarios. Students are geared up in protective clothing, issued UTM training guns and face LIVE role players in scenarios designed to simulate real-life situations.

Defensive Pistol II (Advanced)

Our Defensive Pistol II class is a 3-day comprehensive class that teaches students the proper technique for using and shooting from cover or concealment, moving while shooting, low light shooting, room clearing, and force-on force scenarios. While other courses here at Boondocks FTA™ incorporate portions of these techniques, DP II teaches the “how” and “why” and which technique works best for them in a variety of scenarios. DPII is a great choice for those that are competent in the fundamentals and are looking to take their training to the next level.

Defensive Vehicle Tactics (Advanced)

This two-day course teaches the skills needed to better defend yourself and your family when confronted with a threat around your vehicle. It covers defensive driving awareness, how to exit and use the vehicle for cover, the challenges of shooting from inside a vehicle, and how bullets are affected when impacting a vehicle. This is a true “off the square range course” for advanced students looking for live-fire “reality-based training.”