For 2020 Boondocks FTA™ is launching a new course in our Defensive Pistol Series. Defensive Pistol (DP ) LIVE is a 10-12-hour course designed to help you increase your Speed and Accuracy with your Handgun. The course also includes multiple Force on Force Scenarios using UTM Training Guns to simulate LIVE defensive situations. Students will learn to become more efficient in presenting the pistol from their holster and then use these skills in multiple standard LIVE fire qualifications. Students will then gear up to participate in a series of Force on Force scenarios including Low Light, Home Invasion and Concealed Carry situations. DP LIVE students are not required to have previously taken one of our other Defensive Handgun (DP I or DP II) classes, however, students who have will get the chance to test the skills they learned in those classes, those who have not will have a better understanding of their skill-set and areas of improvement.

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