Center Mass!

A man wearing a cap and holding a gun

MASSad Ayoob Group (MAG40)- On March 5th – 8th the Massad Ayoob Group was Center Stage here at Boondocks FTA™. The MAG40 Class includes the MAG20 / Classroom (Armed Citizen’s Rules of Engagement) and MAG 20 / Live Fire and the class is a “must take” for all Permit Holders. The MAG20 classroom portion is an invaluable resource for permit holders on what will occur in a trial, how the defendant can help inform the defense attorney and the jury, and on legal aspects of a self-defense scenarios. Additionally, the MAG 20 / Live fire is two days of “on the range’ instruction on self-defense fundamentals. This includes the  history and evolution of different shooting techniques and the potential application of these techniques in modern day situations. The shooting qualifications were not particularly difficult, but included a mix of shooting standards and styles that were attainable for the majority of students and still relatively challenging for even accomplished firearms instructors. All student passed the qualifications, but only one of the 15 students on the line tied Massad’s perfect score shot with a Glock 19, but Massad’s shot grouping was much tighter. Guns on the line included.

Glock 17
Sig 320 (Dot)
Glock 17 (Dot)
Sig 320
3 CZ 75 Variants
S&W 5906
2 Glock 19
2 HK VP9
Sig 229

This is one of the few classes that is beneficial to both your average permit holder and accomplished instructor. The only issue I saw was a user induced failure to eject on a one-handed drill. In my opinion, the MAG40 class should be a must have for all serious permit holders. The training, education, and legal protection is the most important part of a legal self-defense scenario, followed closely by the physical skills of the defendant.

Just about any class can help you hit Center MASS, but only the MAG40 Class will help you understand the physical and financial ramification of using lethal force to defend yourself or your loved ones. The price of the class is a small price to pay to avoid the enormous costs of ignorance of the cost of self-defense legislation in your state!


  1. Jan Allinder on March 11, 2020 at 9:15 am

    Do you know if there are any plans for bringing Mass back to Boondocks?

    • Alycia Brewer on March 15, 2020 at 9:39 pm

      Yes, we are in talks with Massad to come back soon!