Our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 (DSF-L1) is a blended learning curriculum that includes the DSF-L1 online eLearning module, the DSF-L1 book, and a full day of live-fire exercises on the range. The student can then complete the eLearning at home at their own pace prior to the live-fire exercises. During the range time, students are able to ask questions and get immediate personal feedback on the application of those skills. It is those little “A-Ha” moments that can only be obtained by hands-on training that make you an efficient shooter and will likely save you a lot of time and money in the long run. This class is great for those who are looking to take their first formal firearms training class, or for those who have already completed an Enhanced Carry class and looking for a refresher course. Plus, because the eLearning is done at home, and on your own time, it reduces the need for classroom time, which reduces costs and trips to and from the range. If you are looking for the best “Bang for your Buck” in firearms training, check out our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Class schedule.

Course Length – 1 Day
Course Cost – $230.00
Pre-Requisite – Online Course

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