Here at Boondocks FTA™ we are seeing a huge uptick in new gun owners coming into the Pro Shop.  Recently we had to turn a few away because the National Instant Background Check System became overwhelmed and crashed and we were not able to conduct a background check on the individuals.  We are hearing similar situations from other gun stores around the country.  Potential new gun owners are frustrated by the fact they are not able to purchase a firearm and ammunition because of mandatory waiting periods, background checks, governmental failures, etc. 

If your concerned about the safety of yourself or your family here are some tips.

  • Having a firearm (any firearm) is a huge deterrent against someone wanting to do you harm. But if this is going to be your first purchase, be sure to get some professional advice from people who actually teach others to shoot.  They can guide you through the selection process so that you don’t spend your hard-earned money on a firearm that you won’t know how to operate under stress, or that you won’t want to practice with in the future. 
  • Sign up for a class – Even if you know how to shoot, the education and training you receive in a training class will help you learn how to avoid getting into a dangerous situation in the first place. There are tons of myths about what to do if you are confronted with a property crime, home invasion or other incident.  Many of these myths are outdated or may put you in situations that may not only be dangerous, but may also be illegal.  Remember, the ultimate goal of personal protection is to keep you safe
    • Physically – by avoiding physical injuries.
    • Legally – by avoiding legal ramifications resulting from a use of force situation.
    • Financially – by avoiding HUGE legal defense bills.
    • Morally – by avoiding the emotional and social aftermath of a defensive shooting.
  • Read a self-defense related book – The initial costs of purchasing a firearm and ammunition can put a dent in your budget. The additional costs of obtaining a permit and taking a state mandated training class may be out of reach for some new gun owners.  However, there are a lot of good self-defense books that will at least give the potential new gun owners some much needed information before or after their initial purchase. A good all-around option to start with is the Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals book from the USCCA or Tom Given’s new Concealed Carry Class (The ABCs of Self Defense Tools and Tactics).   

The run on firearms, ammunition and other items is not new. It has happened at least twice in the past 20 years including the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Sandy Hook shooting.  If the Coronavirus Pandemic has finally convinced you to take your personal protection seriously and you have been frustrated by lack of firearms or ammunition or the legal hurdles implemented by federal, state or local governments make the commitment to become better prepared once the panic buying begins to ease. As you begin to plan for the future here are some small steps to be better prepared for future pandemics or other emergencies. 

  • Firearms – It is a good idea to have a couple of firearm options including a shotgun, a rifle chambered in .22LR, a handgun and an AR style rifle.
  • Ammo – When ammo supplies frees up, buy a case of ammo for each of the guns. Designate half of it for emergencies and the other half for practice. Then make a commitment to buy a box or two each month so you can continue practice without depleting your emergency storage.
  • Food – Keep at least 30 days of food stored for each member of your family. You can use pre-packed emergency food options like Wise Food Storage or just simply some bags of rice or beans.
  • Water – Have water storage options for at least 30 days or have a means to quickly purify water.
  • Carry Permit – Go ahead and get your carry permit. Many people reject a permit because they are afraid, they are going to be on a governmental list. Please note that every time you buy a firearm from a dealer, you are submitted to a list. If you have your permit, you do not have to go through a background check, so the government does not know that you just acquired another gun!
  • Get Trained – Finally, we are taking a piece of advice from our recent “In The News” segment on the benefits of training classes. Training classes like those offered here at Boondocks FTA™ are as much “mindset training” as they are firearms training. Many of the firearms classes also contain information that span a much wider array of topics. The instructor will usually have suggestions for books, other classes, and even other instructors or people you should follow on some of the social media outlets. As you become more “plugged in” with these like-minded people, you gain a greater knowledge base. Those that consistently seek education and training are much more likely to be better prepared to handle the situations occurring in our society and to shrug off fear and panic.

The suggestions above may seem a bit much for the everyday American, but as we have mentioned before, “You Are Your Own First Responder!” Under this pandemic, governmental agencies, law enforcement and emergency services are all operating under a confusing set of federal and local executive orders. In this confusing time, some criminal activity is being ignored, and in extreme cases, prisoners are being let out of jail in order to avoid infecting the prison population with COVID-19. Police are reporting that many officers are becoming sick and they are working with reduced force, therefore the response time for serious crimes will be longer. The events unfolding here in the United States are unprecedented, and every American is under additional stress and strain. The Coronavirus Pandemic is a new threat that many Americans were not prepared for, moving forward it is imperative that we become more prepared for future pandemics.

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