The Pandemic and Civil Unrest in the country has made many people realize that THEY MUST BECOME THEIR OWN FIRST RESPONDER!  This has created a huge influx of first-time gun buyers and students seeking training and Enhanced Permit classes.  Every Boondocks FTA™ employee has been behind the counter or on the range working to educate and train this new group of gun owners. January through July 2020 has seen record months for background checks with June and July nearly doubling the number of checks from last year.  This has led to a shortage of both firearms and ammunition across the country, and firearms dealers and instructors are scrambling to find guns and ammunition to restock the shelves.  Defensive handguns, shotguns and rifles are virtually impossible to get from distributors right now because they simply do not have any in their warehouse to send to your local gun store.  Those in the gun industry don’t see things getting better any time soon.  Most believe that we are at least a year away from returning to anything that resembles normal.  

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