Train From Home!

USCCA’s New Protector Academy

On October 15th the USCCA Launched their new Protector Academy. This online training academy is available to all USCCA Members and includes over 200 different training videos and some excellent online classes. These classes include the Handgun Safety & MarksmanshipChildren’s Firearm & SafetyConcealed Carry & Home DefenseEmergency First AidEmergency PreparednessCountering the Mass Shooter Threat and more! There is also a “drill of the month” and additional live fire exercises you can complete here at Boondocks FTA™ after the classes to continue to work on your shooting skills. In addition, to all of this Training and Education, each USCCA member automatically gets $2,250,000 ($250,000 in Defense Expenses and $2,000,000 in Claim Expenses and Damages) in Self Defense Liability Insurance!

There are 3 levels of membership; Gold, Platinum, and Elite. All three levels include a subscription to the award winning Concealed Carry Magazine, and the same amount of insurance, the only difference is the access to the online training. For less than a dollar a day, you can take advantage of all the training and education options, plus protect yourself and your family from the financial cost associated with a defensive use of force!


Test Drive Your Membership!

Still not convinced a USCCA membership is right for you? Well, they also offer a 365 Day Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee! You can join today and try out your membership for a full year, if at anytime you decide the membership is not right for you, simply call their customer service team at 800-674-9779 and request a full refund. You get to keep the free gift and the magazine.

You can sign up in the Boondocks FTA™ Pro Shop or JOIN ONLINE HERE.