2020 Election

A congratulatory image for gun safety under President Biden

While the 2020 Election isn’t official yet, come 2021 we will likely dealing with a new administration in the White House. In today’s politically divided climate, half of America is glad and the other half is upset. As an advocate for the 2nd Amendment, I am just concerned. While the media and some organizations are touting the Biden administration as the “strongest gun safety ticket in history” and that they will tackle the “epidemic of gun violence” the truth is “Numbers Don’t Lie, but The News Media Might” (Boondocks FTA ™ November 2019 Newsletter)

Joe Biden was one of the primary architects of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, and on his website he proposes a similar ban and registration process for semi-auto firearms and “high capacity magazines” While they may proclaim to be “Protecting Americans from Assault Weapons” (Boondocks FTA™ October 2019 Newsletter) the truth is they would be better off banning hands, fists and feet. In fact, based on 2018 FBI data “you are about 6 times more likely to be stabbed or bludgeoned to death than you are to be killed with a rifle of any type.” In addition, they also have plans repeal the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” which prohibits lawsuits against those in the firearms industry for the illegal use of a firearm by an individual. Repealing this law would be akin to allowing people to sue General Motors because a drunk driver got behind the wheel of a Chevy Truck and killed another person. To politicians, “gun safety” equates to gun bans, gun registration, lawsuits on gun manufacturers, and taxes on gunowners.

In a world where “Gun Owners Face Stricter Scrutiny from Media/Politicians and Police Departments See a Decline in Funds and Force!” we must “Prepare for the Pattern” and fight back against any laws that would make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect ourselves.

Whether or not the Biden Administration will follow through on the Anti 2nd Amendment proposals posted on his website, is yet to be seen. We may not be able to change the results of the Presidential Election, but we can put in a stop gap measure against any proposed new anti gun legislation by ensuring the current GOP majority in the Senate. There are two Georgia Senate Runoff races set January 5th. If the Republicans win both of these races, there will be at least a roadblock against any extreme anti gun legislation. If both races are won by the Democratic Candidates, there will be no way to stop any anti gun legislation. Even if you don’t reside in Georgia, you can still help by going to winred.com and donating to the Save The Senate Fund