Carry Your “Freaking” Gun!

Gun Digest’s cover photo

These are the words Tom Givens uttered repeatedly in his March 13-14 Practical Tactical class we hosted here at Boondocks. This two-day course included classroom work on personal tactics, home invasions, active shooters as well as an analysis of Tom’s former students who have been involved in self-defense incidents. To date, he has had 68 students involved in gunfights. Their record is 65 Wins, ZERO losses and 3 forfeits. In all 3 of these incidents, the students didn’t bring a gun to the gunfight and they all perished.

The overwhelming majority (90%) of incidents happened AWAY from the home at convenience stores and in parking lots. Most of them actually happened while the victim was walking to/from their car, or at their car door. The other 10% happened “around the home” meaning in the yard or driveway, and only 1 incident actually happened in the home and was a domestic issue. Tom has also recorded the distance, time and number of shots fired in each of these cases. The results indicate that your “most likely” gunfight will be “3 Shots, 3 Yards, 3 Seconds!”

So let’s recap! If you ever have to fight for your life, there is a greater than 90% chance that it will happen AWAY from your home, will be at a very close distance and be over in 3 seconds! If you are not carrying your gun on you, you essentially forfeit! The likelihood of having time to retrieve it from your home or your car when you need it most, is unrealistic. You may not think you will need your gun on that quick trip to the grocery store, while your out doing yard work, or at the relaxing day at the Spa, but you MIGHT!

Tom covers all of this and more in his latest book “Concealed Carry Class” (pictured above) and provides a good summary in his March 2018 Newsletter. If your not consistently carrying your firearm on your person, you are putting yourself and your family at risk, and you need more training! We have 3 great training classes that will help you become better prepared.

Draw Clinic – The Draw Clinic is a half-day where students will learn to become more efficient in presenting the pistol from concealment and participate in a variety of standardized courses-of-fire designed to evaluate their speed and accuracy.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals – This course uses intuitive teaching methods designed to provide you with efficient training for the most probable types of self-defense situations. This blended learning curriculum includes the online eLearning module, the DSF book, and a full day of live-fire exercises on the range.

Defensive Pistol I – This is a comprehensive two-day class designed for compact or full-sized semi-automatic pistols 9mm or larger. The course teaches the fundamentals of defensive shooting with a handgun –“learning how to fight with a handgun.”