On The Hunt: Get A Grip

One of the most important aspects of defensive shooting is recoil control. The more you are able to mitigate recoil, the faster you can get the gun back on target for follow up shots.

One of the downsides to smaller guns like the Glock 43x (pictured) is they are “snappier” and harder to maintain good recoil control when compared to larger guns. For example, when shooting my full sized Glock 45 (9mm) my shot to shot split time is about 2/10’s of a second. With my smaller 43x the split time was about twice as long .47 seconds.

Normally, I am not in favor of adding aftermarket products to defensive firearms. I have seen to many issues with reliability. I have seen expensive triggers upgrades break, sights fall off and higher malfunction rates with aftermarket springs or magazines. However, on the recommendation of another Boondocks’ Instructor, I recently added an aftermarket Hogue Grip to my Glock 43x and took it to the range for a trial run. The $15 accessary made a noticeable difference. My split times came down and my accuracy improved. And, this aftermarket add on isn’t likely to cause reliability issues!

If you have a snappy pocket pistol or smaller carry gun that you struggle to shoot well, consider adding this inexpensive modification to see if it helps!