Summer EDC Setup

Firearms on an outdoor table

As the weather warms up here in the Deep South we trade in our Boots, Sweaters and Jeans for Shorts, T-Shirts and Flip Flops, but that doesn’t mean we can stop carrying the essentials.

This month in “On The Hunt” we talk about modifying your EDC for Summertime.

During the winter if you see me at work , or church or around town my EDC will consist of the following:

  • Glock Model 45 in a Vedder Light Tuck Holster
  • Supported by a Nextbelt Gun Belt
  • A spare mag in a Sticky Holster in my left front pocket
  • A Streamlight Micro Stream USB Light clipped on my left pocket
  • A Kershaw Knife clipped on my right pocket
  • A Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) on my Left Ankle
  • POM Pepper Spray attached to a Surefire Sidekick Light (yes I carry 2 flashlights)

As the weather warms up, I make a few small adjustments. Instead of the Glock Model 45, I switch to the Glock 43x (pictured above) in Vedder Light Tuck Holster. The G43x is significantly smaller, but with the Shield Arms S15 mags I am only giving up 3 rounds between the two guns. I also ditch the IFAK, because it looks really funny walking around in shorts donning a black IFAK ankle rig. However, I don’t want to be without a tourniquet, so I carry a SWAT-T style tourniquet. While it is not as effective as the SOF T, the SWAT-T can also be used as a pressure dressing and elastic bandage.

You may think “that is not a lot of change“, and you would be correct! You see, I am a big fan of consistency when I carry. It takes a lot of training and practice to develop the level of “automaticity” (see this months training tip) to be prepared to defend your life. Having the same make of gun, with the same set of sights, carried in the same type holsters and in the same location, means I don’t have to change my draw process when I change my clothes or my guns, but these small changes make consistent carry possible in summer garb.