On The Hunt: A “Shootable” Pocket Pistol

A pistol and set of bullets

On June 30th, Ruger announced it latest version of the LCP (Light Compact Pistol), the LCP Max. The LCP Max borrows a similar action and functions from the much improved LCP II that was released in 2016. The major advantages of the LCP II over the original LCP is a much better trigger, wider backstrap to help reduce felt recoil and a locking slide mechanism to hold the slide open after the last round has been fired. The LCP Max retains these improvements, plus increases the capacity from 6+1 to 10+1 by utilizing a double to single stack magazine. There is also an extended 12-round magazine available from Ruger. In addition, the LCP Max is outfitted with a good pair sights that includes a high viz Tritium and White Outline front sight. The features on this 3rd iteration of the LCP make the LCP Max more like a full-size pistol than many of the other pocket .380’s. And while it may not be as comfortable to shoot as a larger .380 pistol , such as the Glock 42, it is considerable smaller and lighter and is what I would consider a true pocket pistol. Drop by our Pro Shop to check it out now!