New Prices on Two of our Most Important Classes

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The importance of mental and medical training are often overlooked when it comes to personal protection, and there are limited options in the area where students can gain this potentially life-saving training. Our Lethal Force Simulator and the USCCA’s Emergency First Aid Fundamentals classes are both offered as 1/2 day options here at Boondocks FTA™. Going forward we will offer both of these classes at a reduced rate of $60 Per Student.

The simulator is designed to expose the student to real-life scenarios, and allows the student to see how they would react should they be confronted by a threat. Multiple scenarios are presented to the student followed by an after action debriefing to discuss what they did and what they could have done differently. The students will NOT be using live ammunition during this course. SIRT Laser pistols and CO2 loaded firearms are used in the training. The objectives achieved in these exercises will allow the student to see their strengths and weaknesses.

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Course length: 4 Hours
Pre-Req: none
Ammo Req: none

The Emergency First Aid Fundamentals (EFAF) course is an OHSA approved training course . It includes Basic Life Saving Skills, PLUS the fundamental skills every gun owner should have in an emergency. This course is filled with step-by-step techniques for applying field treatments before more help can arrive on the scene, including;

  • Properly assess patients in a crisis
  • Treat gunshot wounds, broken bones, severe burns and other traumatic injuries
  • Help individuals experiencing cardiac arrest and other health emergencies
  • Build your own first-aid kits for your home, car and personal carry
  • Bridge the gap between an injury and lifesaving medical care

While there is no substitute for trained medical professionals, your ability to keep a patient alive during the first few minutes could be the one thing that saves the life of someone you love.

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Course length: 5 Hours
Pre-Requisite: None