Politics & Personal Safety

In August the first GOP Presidential Debate officially kicked off the 2024 election cycle. Your presidential pick may or may not have debated, but the results of the November 5, 2024 election will probably have little impact on your immediate personal safety. A politicians stance on an issues like gun control may determine who you vote for, but none of the candidates (on either side of the aisle) will be there to protect you when your life is on the line. Social safety can be impacted by laws that focus on border policy, gun laws, police policy, judicial appointments and more. However, these changes take time and are dependent on a culture with a solid moral compass and respect for the rule of law. There was a cultural shift that began with the Ferguson effect in 2014, and accelerated rapidly during the pandemic and riots of 2020. Today our country is extremely divided and has drifted far from our founding principles that I fear it will take a catastrophic event to unite us under a common goal. These shifts have happened in the past, but events like the World Wars, The Great Depression and the 9/11 terrorists attacks are historical examples of a cultural reset that at least temporarily united us. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything short of total economic collapse that can reset our culture and remind us that we need to be “One Nation Under God”. Regardless of what happens in 2024 crime will likely continue to rise for the foreseeable future and ultimately your immediate personal safety is still UP TO YOU! Plan and prepare accordingly.

All Politics Are Local

In September the New Mexico Governor declared a state of emergency in reaction to an increase in violent crime. The declaration suspended both open and concealed carry of firearm for 30 days. Fortunately, a federal judged blocked the ban. The Governor’s action were so outrageous that local law enforcement refused to enforce the ban, the state’s Attorney General refused to defend the ban in court and the ACLU even criticized the decision.

New Mississippi State Association

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Recently I joined with a group of 2nd Amendment supporters to create a State Association to help protect, preserve and promote the shooting sports. The Magnolia State Shooting Sports Alliance has become the official State Association of the NRA and is now accepting members to help protect the 2nd Amendment here in the Magnolia State. Individual memberships are just $30 a year and Club/Business memberships are just $75 a year. The funds will go to sponsor state competitions and promote and encourage participation by youth and women. We will also be working to select a board member to work with local legislatures to ensure we help elect Pro 2A politicians here in Mississippi.

We hope you will join us on this mission!