Active Shooter Training

Is your School, Church, Hospital, Business or Organization
prepared to respond to an Active Shooter Event (ASE)?

A “Lock-down Only” response to an Active Shooter no longer meets Government Recommendations.

Active Shooter Training

-Unarmed Active Shooter Response

This course is designed specifically for business, churches, schools or organizations that want to be prepared for an Active Shooter Event.  In many places federal, state or local laws prohibit the carry of firearms, but that doesn't mean you have to be defenseless.  This 4-hour course includes lecture, demonstration and drills on how respond.   Don't be misled by governmental agencies offering "FREE" active shooter training, these courses are primarily lecture only and  usually do not teach you the skills needed to evade, barricade or counter an active shooter.  Organizations can schedule a group class at our facilities in Raymond, MS or arrange for our staff to train your group onsite at your facility.

​Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 4 Hours
Cost: $750.00

**Standard mileage rates apply for locations greater than 30 Mile radius from Boondocks FTA, LLC

Armed Active Shooter Response Class

This 1-day course that combines classroom and live fire exercises. The classroom covers past events and the tactics needed to actively and effectively engage an active shooter.  The live fire portion will help students gauge individual abilities with their handgun of choice, use of cover and concealment, muzzle diversion techniques and multiple scenarios designed to mimic an active shooter situation. This group course is designed specifically for business, churches, schools or organizations who want to be prepared to respond individually, or as a team to end an Active Shooter Event.

Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 8 Hours
Firearm & Ammo Requirements:  Defensive Handgun, Quality Holster, 2 Magazines, 150 Rounds of ammo
Cost: $1,500.00 (up to 10 students)
Cost: $2,000 (10 - 20 students)


What former students have said about this class!

The entire training session was informative and highly interactive. I walked away feeling more aware and prepared”

“Scenarios were great and safety was first and foremost. I learned a lot of information about mass shootings”

“Instructors kept the class entertaining but also kept you engaged about the serious nature of the information that was being taught” 

“Best training class I’ve been too. What I learned can be helpful in everyday life”

“Loved the class! Made me more aware of dangerous situations... and more prepared on what to do. Very important for everyone to learn” 

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