Training for Women

Boondocks FTA™ offers Women a beginning handgun training class as well as other opportunities to learn and practice safe handgun skills.

Boondocks WOW League

WOW Ladies GroupThe Boondocks WOW (Women Operating Weapons) League is designed to bring together lady shooters of all experience levels, from 'never handled a weapon' to the 'advanced' shooter.  The "aim" will be to educate and develop all who attend to become a proficient weapon handler, while at the same time making new friends and becoming more confident. This group will focus on safety and fundamentals but will also 'target' our strengths and weaknesses to improve our skills.

The initial premise of WOW is to promote IDPA & Outlaw Steel concepts, but you don't have to be interested in competitive shooting to participate.  The meetings will be challenging and exciting.  This group is for Ladies ONLY so it will be on a smaller scale than other IDPA and Steel Matches while encouraging self-confidence and minimizing the intimidation beginners might feel at a co-ed event.

There is no annual membership fee for this group.  If you are a member of BoondocksFTA™ there is no cost to attend the WOW meetings as long as you have your own weapon and ammo.  If you do not have your own weapon and ammo these can be rented from the BoondocksFTA™ Pro Shop.  If you are not a member of BoondocksFTA™ you simply pay $20 per meeting/shoot, plus rental if needed.  Targets will be supplied.

Eye and ear protection is required for everyone who attends including guests.  You are welcome to come 'watch' a meeting to see if this group is for you.

Meetings are scheduled from 1:30pm-3:30pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month except November & December.  Please arrive by 1:15pm to get registered and handle any details so the meetings can begin promptly at 1:30pm.

Check the BoondocksFTA™ calendar for meeting dates. 

What to Bring

WOWWe will be outside, so be sure to bring whatever you need to be comfortable: water, sun screen, bug spray, folding chair. Closed-toe shoes are required - make sure they are comfortable.

You will need:

  • Unloaded firearm
  • Ammunition - 50-100 rounds
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Ball cap or Sun visor

If you are an advanced shooter and comfortable drawing from a holster*, bring your outside the waistband holster and magazine holder.

If you are a new or beginning shooter, don't worry about holsters. We'll get you there!

* HOLSTERS: Quality Polymer, Kydex, or other rigid material holster. Strong side hip holsters are preferred, but strong side IWB holsters and appendix carry holsters and cover garments are allowed. Blackhawk SERPA holsters are NOT allowed. Your holster MUST be gun-specific and you MUST be able to re-holster one-handed.