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Boondocks Classroom with instructor

Main Classroom

Pavilion Classroom


Our Main Classroom is  35' x 35' and located adjacent to our Pro Shop. It can comfortably seat up to 30 students with chairs and tables and larger groups of up to 50 students with theater seating arrangements. It has full audio/visual hookups, blue guns, and other training aids.  It also has a microwave and refrigerator available for students that wish to bring their own lunch.

Our Pavilion has both climate-controlled and open-air options.  It has Picnic Style seating for up to 36 people and can also serve as a lecture-style classroom for up to 18 people.  It is conveniently located next to our Pro Shop and restroom facility and has a refrigerator,  microwave, wood-burning fireplace, and gas grill.  The Pavilion is also available to be rented for Birthdays, Showers, Weddings and other social events.


Our Shop Facility is a multi-purpose building located at the back of the property.  It is climate controlled and has restrooms, microwave, coffee maker and small refrigerator.  The facility has complete audio/visual hookups, internet and WiFi connections, a mat room, and Simulator Suite.  An indoor target system allows for SIM/UTM training, and the facility can also be used for Active Shooter Training with AirSoft guns.  This facility is perfect for organizations and agencies that want to be a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the main facilities and Pro Shop.

Shop Classroom
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South Bay Classroom

A configurable 50' x 45' climate-controlled classroom. The South Bay classroom has complete Audio/Visual hookups, internet, and Wi-Fi connections and a hanging target system designed specifically for SIM/UTM training.

Simulator Suite

A 14' x 28' classroom with room for 12 students in theater-style seating.  It houses the Boondocks FTA™ Lethal Force Simulator system.  Participants can use Laser SIRT Pistols or CO2 recoiling pistols in over 600 different Civilian and Law Enforcement scenarios. The system also allows for low light scenarios and skill-building exercises.

North Bay Classroom

A 30' x 45' climate-controlled room.  It can be configured as a mat room for floor training exercises or as a more traditional classroom with Audio /Visual hookups, internet, and Wi-Fi connections.


Snake Creek Range
Boondocks' Snake Creek Range

Snake Creek Range

This little creek snakes its way across Raymond, MS and through BoondocksFTA™. During the Civil War, Snake Creek served as a key position for the Union Army during the Battle of Raymond.  After the battle, many of the Confederates who had escaped bivouacked here for the night.


  • 75' wide x 60' deep
  • Covered
  • Lighted
  • Fans
  • Power Available
  • No Steel Targets

Rental Fees

  • Weekdays: $500/day
  • Weekends: $1000/day
  • Nights: +20%

Champion Hill Range

The Battle of Champion Hill, fought May 16, 1863, was the pivotal battle in the Vicksburg Campaign of the American Civil War (1861-1865). Union Army commander Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and the Army of Tennessee pursued the retreating Confederate States Army, under Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton and defeated his army twenty miles to the east of Vicksburg, Mississippi, leading inevitably to the Siege of Vicksburg and surrender. The battle is also known as Baker's Creek.


  • 100' wide x 150' deep
  • 12 Lane Remote Controlled Turning Target System
    • Programmable for any course of fire
    • 24 Automated Resetting Steel Plates
    • 12 Stationary Steel Targets
  • Flash/bangs Okay to Use
Champion Hill Range
Boondocks' Champion Hill Range

Rental Fees

  • Weekday: $500/day
  • Weekends: $1,000/day
  • Includes technical support for target system
  • Nights: +20%

Rental Fees

  • Weekday: $300/day
  • Weekends: $600/day​
  • Nights: +20%

Robinson Range

Raymond Roberts Robinson owned extensive property in Claiborne and Hinds Counties. He donated the land in the center of Hinds County for the site of the county seat of Raymond, MS, which was named for him. Judge Caldwell was his son-in-law. Raymond Robinson was a Revolutionary War veteran, and the land in Hinds County was given to him as a veteran's pension.


  • 75' wide x 75' deep
  • ​Steel Targets
  • Flashbangs okay to Use

Porter House Range

Often referred to as the "Pit", the Porter House range was created from the massive amounts of dirt pulled from the earth and moved to create Champion Hill, Snake Creek, and Robinson Ranges. The Porter House, also known as The Farm or Porter Family Homestead in Raymond, MS is a vernacular Greek Revival house that was built in c. 1850.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 at its original location, about three miles southeast of Raymond. It was moved to a location in Raymond in 2004 and has been renovated. In 1986 is was deemed "architecturally significant because it is the only example of a one-room deep, antebellum, Greek Revival cottage" in the Raymond area that was surveyed.



  • 65' wide x 200' deep
  • ​Steel Targets
  • Flashbangs okay to Use

Rental Fees

  • Weekday: $300/day​
  • Weekend: $500/day
  • Nights: +20%
Alumni Rifle Range - RSO assistance


  • 15 yards deep - Handguns
  • Steel targets & target stands
  • 75 yards deep - Rifles

Waverly Range

Waverly mansion was built 1831-1834 on a parcel of land approximately a quarter of a mile from the town's courthouse by John B. Peyton and his wife, Mary Fairchild Lewis. On May 12, 1863, General Grant and his men occupied Waverly and camped on the grounds.

Long after General Grant and his men left Raymond, historic Waverly continued to be the home of the Peyton family. It has been in the family and passed down from one generation to the next.

Waverly Range consists of a handgun range and a long gun range up to 75 yards. On the weekends, Waverly is designated as the Alumni Range.


Porter Shoot House

We call it the "Shoot House" because that's exactly what it is... A house we built and use for training that replicates someone's house.


  • Approx. 2,700 sq. ft.
  • 1½ Stories
  • Fully Covered
  • UTM/Sims ONLY

Rental Fees

  • ½ Day: $500
  • Whole Day: $1,000
  • Nights: +20%
  • Video Service: $50/hour (2-hour minimum)
  • Includes technician. Raw footage provided on a zip drive.
Porter Shoot House
Boondocks' Porter Shoot House

Shoot House 2

Our Shoot House 2 resembles a small 2 bedroom single wide trailer.  It is situated about 150 yards away from our Porter Shoot House and can easily be accessed via a path through the woods.  This setup allows agencies to run multiple teams and multiple scenarios simultaneously.

Rental Fees

  • ½ Day: $350
  • Whole Day: $700
  • Nights: +20%
  • Reduced rates when combined with Porter Shoot House rental.