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Earlier this year, I took Vicki Farnam’s “Teaching Women, For Women” class. She helped me understand just how differently women learn than men. During the class, Vicki asked two male instructors in our Pro Shop to come into the classroom and set up several chairs. They proceeded to line the chairs up in neat order. Neither one asked a single question. They just set the chairs up in two rows and went back to the Pro Shop. No big deal, short and sweet. But for the women, it isn’t that easy! We want to know every single little detail. Which direction do you want the chairs to face? Do you want a straight row or a curved row? How many chairs? Most women I know like to be able to visualize what is expected of them before they proceed.

For those of you who have already taken Basic Pistol MEP, Defensive Pistol I or Defensive Carry is a great way to advance your skills and your confidence in carrying your handgun daily. These classes give you the opportunity to learn how to draw from your holster, change your magazine quickly and clear malfunctions. The classes also help you get your mind in the “self-defense mode” so you can become more confident in your abilities.

All of Boondock’s instructors are well-versed in teaching both men and women. Understanding that women crave the details the instructors take their time explaining the various procedures. The first day of class includes a lot of hands-on dry-fire training in the classroom. This gives the student the opportunity to practice changing magazines and clearing malfunctions. The instructor is right there with you to guide you through the process and make sure you are comfortable before you go out to the range. Dry-fire practice is something we encourage you to practice at home. The more you do these exercises the more natural it will become.

Both days include a lot of time on the range where you’ll not only work on what you practiced in class, but you’ll also learn how to talk to the “bad guy”, how to move, how to shoot from cover – all extremely important skills to know for EDC (every day carry). These classes are not intended to make you into a “Rambo”. They are designed to help you stay safe, be aware of your surroundings and become a disciplined and confident shooter.

Go into your next class ready and eager to learn. Never be afraid to ask questions. The only dumb question is the question you didn’t ask.

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Originally published October 2019 – Revised April 2020

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