Inner Game of Shooting with Brian Hill

Shooting is just as much mental as it is physical. I know this because I have been fortunate to take multiple classes with Brian Hill. He is simply one of the best shooting coaches in the country. His ability to help shooters improve both mentally and physically is incredible. I encourage you to read the course description below and SIGN UP.

The Inner Game of Shooting is not an instructor certification course but we do require your level of shooting to be intermediate – advanced. It is a 2 day program covering physiological, psychological, and technical aspects of YOUR development.​ Self coaching requires a multi-discipline approach applying diagnostic skills, cognitive interviewing, understanding the decisional process, predictive analysis, and adapting to YOUR unique needs. Identifying and understanding YOUR learning style and more importantly, YOUR blind spots.

Performing at our highest level should be the goal of all shooters. Unfortunately, the modern methods of coaching have not been applied to shooting in a cohesive and unified manner which leads to lots of wasted time and effort.

In this class we will explore the three modes of training, technical (accuracy and precision), speed (speed and efficiency), and performance (neuroscience triggers), allowing the athlete to understand the requirements of each aspect of training.

Development of a plan for practice, understanding how to measure and refine for continued improvement, and how to approach qualifiers, classifiers, test, matches, or personal protection.

The mental game is the most important part of high level performance, consisting of the technical/physical, psychological, and physiological. Understanding how to modulate and capitalize on these states is what will allow the shooter to perform in a accurate, consistent, efficient, and disciplined manner.

Neuroscience has made great strides in recognizing the precursor to high level performance, and these can be performed in the moments allowing the athlete to use all their available skill while making timely decisions which ultimately leads to success.

Shooting is more than a technical methodology, it requires quick processing, predictive decisions, and recognition primed decision making. You can make great progress, and perform at your highest level by training appropriately. This is the missing piece, and the most important.