Max Appendix Carry Comfort

After setting up the perfect concealed carry pistol a few months back, I started the holster acquisition process again. While I usually wear holsters that attach to my belt, I occasionally “dress down” when I workout or go for a walk around the neighborhood. This means gym shorts or sweats which don’t have belt loops. For those instances I have always relied on my TactiPac FusionPac belly band.

There are a lot of belly band options, but most of them rely on two pieces of flimsy material to retain the gun. In my opinion a safe holster must include rigid materials like kydex and be model specific. The FusionPac includes both of these features so my initial goal was to order the FusionPac for my Glock 48. However, while I was on TactiPac’s website, I saw their Max IWB holster and it piqued my interest.

Since Adopting Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB), I am really interested in any holster that has both a wing and a wedge option. As a bonus, this holster was specifically “created for those individuals who desire the comfort of a soft side holster with all the advantages of a full Kydex holster”. After closely looking at the photos on the site, I could see that two major factors made this holster superior to other hybrid holsters. The first is that the Kydex completely surrounds both sides of the handgun which makes it model specific and allows for a solid click retention. The second was that the rigid Kydex sweat guard is sewn into the soft backing to keep the soft material from folding over and/or collapsing after drawing, which is a safety issue when reholstering.

Two additional features include the lever style metal wing and the wedge option, both of which help prevent your firearm from printing. The IFI Grip Hook style clip that comes on the Max IWB is one of the better clips when it comes to a secure belt attachment option, however I prefer metal clips which tend to be thinner and stronger than plastic. So I replaced it with a Discreet Carry Concepts Mod 4 Universal metal clip.

I have been very happy with the Max IWB. It is a well made, comfortable and safe, and has great features that help better conceal the firearm. If you are considering trying AIWB or just looking for a more comfortable strongside holster, I encourage you to give the Max IWB a try.