On The Hunt: The Perfect Concealed Carry Pistol!

I’ve found it! The perfect concealed carry pistol… for me… at this time, is the Glock 48 MOS with a Holosun 507K.  It is literally the definition of PERFECTION, right?

But seriously, I know the search for the perfect carry pistol can be a compromise at best. The sheer number of choices when it comes to make, model, size, weight, caliber, and capacity can make the decision daunting, and expensive.  It seems just when we think we have it nailed down another “better” option is announced or, during a trip to the range, we discover some unknown negative that casts doubt on our previous decision.  To be sure, I didn’t just stumble on to this by happenstance.  In the past I have carried Smith & Wesson, Springfield, CZ, Ruger, Taurus, FNH and more, and in a variety of caliber and sizes.  My most recent consistent carry has been the Glock Model 45. It is a full size 17+1 capacity 9mm pistol. In addition, I also carry the smaller Glock 43X for quick trips to the store and as my home carry option.  In the past 5 years I have also enhanced these pistols to improve my proficiency with them.  About 3 years ago I started to shoot red dot equipped pistols and quickly appreciated the advantages. So, my Glock 45 carry gun has Delta Point Pro optic on it, but I had not made the switch to optics on the 43x. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to stick with the Glock for a smaller/deep concealment pistol. 

The explosion of the high capacity micro 9s like the Sig 365 and Shield Plus sort of left Glock in the dust and I was seriously considering a shift to another brand.  But in the end, I opted for the Glock 48 MOS for a couple of reasons. First, even though the G48 lacks the capacity of some of its rivals, 10+1 is plenty capacity for 99.9% of all civilian defensive gun uses, plus I can, and do carry a spare Shield Arms 15 round magazine. Second, the Glock has little more girth in the grip, and provides much more surface area which allows me to control and mitigate recoil better. The added enhancement of the Hogue grip and the extra 3/4 inch of barrel over the 43x also helps. Finally, the Psychology of Previous Investment is a real thing.  The number of holsters and mags that I have for the 43x that will fit the G48, definitely helped sway my decision. Plus, the 43x can become my backup carry/training gun should the 48 unexpectedly go down.  On the range I found an issue that needed to be addressed.  The screws that came with the Red Dot were a little too long and were putting pressure on the extractor assembly inside the slide causing some failures to extract.  It was an issue I was aware of, but you won’t know until you actually test it.  I have ordered shorter screws and after I install them will go back to the range for testing.  I like to ensure I get about 500 rounds (including self-defense ammo) of practice without any malfunctions before I consider the gun ready for everyday carry.  Once reliability is confirmed the G48 will ride AIWB in my Tenicor or Vedder Holster.

There are ton of good carry gun options available now.  If I was starting from scratch, the new Shield Plus is a fantastic option.  There is a version that already comes with my preferred Ameriglo Sights and is red dot ready that can be found on the shelves for less than $500.  The Sig 365 Xl or Macro, does cost more than the Shield, but are also fantastic options.  I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the choices above, but if you go hunting for a new carry gun, the best way to tell if it is perfect for you is to find a range or store where you can rent/shoot the gun before purchasing.  Once your purchase it, get out to the range and thoroughly test it before you carry it.

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